Reward Points

Reward Points can be used to apply a discount or purchase some products at our online shop. 

  • How to get Reward Points?

1. You will get Reward Points by purchasing some products with reward points; products with Reward Points are displayed at the product info page.

2. We will send reward points to you during product promotion on certain condition. Stay connect with us on Facebook pages or Instagram.

  • How to use Reward Points?

Go to shopping cart and apply Reward Points before checkout. The discount percentage you get is determined by the points you use. Below screenshot demonstrates how to use Reward Points.

e.g. The item can be purchased with 4000 points. If you have 200 points then you will get 5% off, if you have 4000 points then you can get it FREE.

Please note:

If you purchased a product with reward points, reward points will be added to your account after the order status changed to PROCESSING.

ALL NEW USERS will get 200 reward points after registration. Reward points will be added to your account in 48 hrs after registration. 

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.