Tattoo Machine with Cartridge Grip

Tattoo Machine with Cartridge Grip

Tattoo Machine with Cartridge Grip

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The Spektra Direkt 2 has been designed to push cartridges as well as standard needles. The MultiVise System allows you to use any grip on the market: screw on grips and grip with a traditional backstem. The Direkt 2 comes with stroke caps in three different sizes: 2.8, 3.4 and 4.0 mm, so you can you can adjust the stroke length to your preferences.

Key Features:

Uses Standard Needles and Cartridges with ease

Grommets clip-on armature

Patented Spektra MultiVise System accepts conventional backstem and screw-on style cartridge grips without the need for adaptors.

CNC crafted from one solid rod of 6061 T6 aluminum, mirror polished and anodized for ultimate durability

Interchangeable Stroke Caps in 2.8mm, 3.4mm, and 4.0mm sizes.

Hex Drive MotorBolt system is compatible with Direkt 1 and Edge X Motors

Silent at high or low voltages

Powerful and Consistent

Maintenance free, no lubrication required

* Tattoo Machine colors: Olive green, Orange, Seafoam Blue, Grey, Black 

* Tattoo Grip colors:  Black, Grey, Orange, Sky Blue, Seafoam Blue, Silver, Magenta

<ES> Colores de la máquina de tatuaje: verde oliva, naranja, azul marino, gris, negro

<ES> Colores de agarre del tatuaje: negro, gris, naranja, azul cielo, azul marino, plata, magenta

* We will change the color of the tattoo machine & tattoo grip if they are out of stock.

<ES> Cambiaremos el color de la máquina del tatuaje y del agarre del tatuaje si no tienen stock.

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