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2023 BRONC New Wireless Short Pen

2023 BRONC New Wireless Short Pen

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The Wireless Short Pen - A Compact and Powerful Tool for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup

Looking for a compact and powerful tool for your tattoo and permanent makeup needs? Look no further than the Wireless Short Pen! This pen is designed with the latest technology and features to help you create stunning body art with ease.

Compact and Easy to Handle

With its compact design and lightweight construction, the Wireless Short Pen is easy to use and handle, making it a great addition to any artist's toolkit. It's available in Red, Black, and Grey, and has a Packing size of 15111162mm, with a weight of 333g.

Direct Drive Structure

The Wireless Short Pen features a Direct drive structure that ensures precise and efficient performance. It has a powerful DC Swiss motor with a Nominal Voltage of 12V, providing a NO-load Speed of 11000rpm, and a maximum efficiency of 95%. The pen also has a Vibration value of <2.5m2/s, ensuring your hand won't get tired even after hours of use.

Memory Voltages

The pen has 2 sets of memory voltages that can be quickly switched using the button in the middle. This makes it easy to switch between different needles and techniques, giving you greater flexibility and control over your work.

Overload Protection and Short Circuit Prompt

The Wireless Short Pen also features overload protection and short circuit prompt for added safety. It has a push speed of 70 to 160 Hz, and a Stroke of 4.0MM, with Needle depth ranging from 0 - 5.0 mm. It has a powerful performance for excellent results.

Long Battery Life

The pen has a battery capacity of 1250 mAh and supports working time of 4~7hours, with a Charge time of 2~2.5hours. The Output voltage ranges from 4.0~11.0V, with a recommended working voltage of 5.5V~7.5V.

Experience the power and precision of the Wireless Short Pen. It's the perfect tool for tattoo and permanent makeup artists seeking compactness and efficiency. Get yours today and start creating stunning body art that your clients will love.

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