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Adjustable Cartridge Tattoo Grip - Model HG12

Adjustable Cartridge Tattoo Grip - Model HG12

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Our Cartridge Grip is designed to provide professional tattoo artists with a safe, versatile, and durable option for their cartridge tattoo machines. With tool-less disassembly, this grip allows for safe sterilization and is compatible with autoclaves and cold sterilant methods.

The ratchet disc click system prevents involuntary turning, even with heavy machines, ensuring maximum safety and control during tattooing. With a 3mm center bore, this cartridge grip is compatible with all built-in drive bar machines, making it a versatile option for tattoo artists.

Each grip includes an autoclavable drive bar, ensuring maximum hygiene and convenience. Upgrade your tattooing equipment with our Cartridge Grip and experience the durability, performance, and safety that professional tattoo artists demand.

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