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BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges - Magnums

BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges - Magnums

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Create Stunning Shading and Blending with BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges - Magnums

Are you a professional tattoo artist who is looking for the best quality and durable cartridges for your tattoo machine? Look no further than BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges with Magnum Needles.

Designed for shading and blending, these cartridges come with closed mouth tips, providing you with precision and accuracy during the tattooing process. The magnum needles grab more ink, making them perfect for longer tattoo sessions.

The membrane-protected design prevents ink leakage or flow back into the tube, ensuring clean and sanitary tattooing. The fully EO Gas sterilized needles are blister packed, providing maximum hygiene and safety during tattooing.

Each box of BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges with Magnum Needles contains 20 cartridges, providing you with a reliable and consistent source of high-quality cartridges.

Upgrade your tattooing equipment with BIGWASP Evolved Cartridges with Magnum Needles and experience the difference in quality and performance that professional tattoo artists demand. Order now and create stunning shading and blending in your tattoos.

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