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BRONC Needle Cartridges Round Shader

BRONC Needle Cartridges Round Shader

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BRONC Needle Cartridges Round Shader: Achieve Smooth and Shaded Tattoo Work

Looking for a high-quality tattoo needle cartridge option for smooth and shaded tattoo work? Look no further than the BRONC Needle Cartridges Round Shader.

Compatible with most standard cartridge grips and machines, these cartridges (Generation 3) are designed with a membrane to prevent ink leakage to the tube or machine. This ensures that your workspace stays clean and hygienic, and that your tattooing equipment stays in top condition.

The semi-transparent tips make it easier to observe the needle striking, allowing for precise and accurate tattooing. This is especially important when it comes to achieving smooth and shaded tattoo work.

Each box contains 20 cartridges, making it easy to keep your tattooing equipment stocked and ready for your next session. Upgrade your tattooing game with BRONC Needle Cartridges Round Shader and experience the high-quality and reliability that professional tattoo artists demand. Order now and take your tattooing to the next level.

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