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Standard Needle Cartridges - Magnums

Standard Needle Cartridges - Magnums

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Standard Needle Cartridges - Magnums: Upgraded Quality for Professional Tattooing

Looking for upgraded quality needle cartridges for your professional tattooing needs? Look no further than our BIG WASP Standard Quality Needle Cartridges - Magnums.

These cartridges feature thinner tips that better fit and securely stay inside your tattoo machine, allowing for better ink flow during tattooing. The rubber membrane prevents ink leakage or flow back into the tube, ensuring clean and sanitary tattooing. The needles are sterilized by ethylene oxide gas, providing maximum hygiene and safety during tattooing.

Sold in a box of 20 cartridges, our Standard Quality Needle Cartridges come with labels on the box, making it easy to identify and organize your tattooing equipment. You can choose from two different needle configurations: 7M or 9M, which contain 7 or 9 Magnum needles of 0.35mm tattoo needles.

Upgrade your tattooing equipment with our BIG WASP Standard Quality Needle Cartridges - Magnums and experience the improved quality, hygiene, and performance that professional tattoo artists demand. Order now and take your tattooing to the next level.

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